Brave's New Idea: The Basic Attention Token

Brendan Eich, the man behind Javascript and Mozilla, has unveiled his vision for a revolutionary new approach to internet advertising. It’s dependent on two key elements; a new web browser called Brave, and a form of cryptocurrency called the Basic Attention Token (BAT).

But just what is wrong with the current model? Well plenty, according to Eich. For starters, websites are overrun with advertisement middlemen. There is shady cross party data sharing, cross-platform tracking and mal advertising. The mobile platform has additional problems. The slow loading of Ad intensive webpages are costing the US customer an average of $23 extra per month in data charges. The slow loading, graphically intensive sites, are taking their toll on mobile battery life too. An average of 21% less battery life is accorded to this type of advertising. It seems everyone loses except the middlemen, fraudsters and bots. The user is subjected to unwanted, obtrusive Ads. Privacy is compromised. The rise of Ad Blockers has hit the genuine advertiser as well as the third party rogue. The publisher has been demonetised severely in recent times(approximately 66% decline), as Ad revenue has not been there.

The solution for the team at Brave software, involves two basic components. Firstly, a new open source browser. Working across all platforms the Brave browser claims to be superfast. Crucially, it has privacy protection at it’s core, blocking third party Ads and trackers. The browser would be able to monitor what adverts the user viewed most often, and for how long. But this information would never leave that particular device due to a built-in anonymity shield.

The second component is the Basic Attention Token (BAT). The BAT is an ethereum based cryptocurrency, an exchange payment between users, advertisers and publishers. The BAT’s value is based around the idea that user’s attention is a valuable commodity. As such, the more time the user spends watching certain adverts, the more BATs they accrue. This user attention is defined as ‘focused mental engagement’. The browser logs information as to where the user spends most of his/her time. The publisher is rewarded accordingly(BAT). The user is rewarded for their focused time(BAT) and protected from unwanted Ads and malware, and the advertiser benefits from more accurate data on user spending. The user can spend the tokens on premium content or services within the Brave platform.

The Basic Attention Token system is in its infancy. The basic tenets appear laudable. The good guys get their due, while the fraudsters and spammers are shut out. It remains to be seen how this idea can be sold to the masses. Brave browser has less than 1% market share at present. How are they going to raise their profile? There are plenty of ‘fast’ browsers out there. As to privacy issues, many users have Ad Blockers and probably don’t care what adverts are blocked – as long as they are! The tokens themselves are of limited use to the user as they can only be used within the Brave platform. Maybe too narrow a field for most people. One thing's for sure, whichever way it goes, it’s sure to be interesting.

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Choose Exercise For Your Body Type

Exercise. The word that can be the bane of human existence or the only way we get moving and find motivation for the day. Whatever exercise means to you, we should be getting exercise of some kind. We all know that it is good for us but it is sometimes easier said than done. Walking into the gym and not knowing what exercises to do or how some equipment works is why we lack motivation to put in the work at times.

Our body types can have an effect on what exercises we should be doing. It is also different between men and women. Here are a few exercises you can do for each body type and a better description of each body type, specifically for women.

  • Apple
    This type is described as a person with broader shoulders and bust than hips. Apple shaped women should work on mixing cardio and waist-defining strength moves. HIIT interval training could be a great combination of both.
    You want to sculpt your middle. Bird dogs, rear lunge chops, pushup climbers, and other exercises that work your middle are great exercises. This can take time and belly fat can be stubborn. As long as you work hard and keep up with exercises, you will watch the fat melt away.
  • Boyish
    Another body type is described as having a straight and thin frame. These body types usually do not have curves and want them. If you have this body type, you will want to work on strength building workouts that help give you body definition.
    Some exercises to try are deadlift overhead presses, lunges, side-to-side plank pushups, and lunges with bicep curls. If you want to challenge yourself, increase your weight over time.
  • Pear
    This shape is for someone who has hip measurements greater than their bust measurements. Balance is key here. Women who are pear shaped tend to focus on their legs lower half and neglect their upper half. However, you don’t want to lose your body’s balance. Plyometrics and total body strength training are best here. These will help show off your curves and maintain your body’s balance.
    You can try different types of lunges, squats, and jumping jacks. To add difficulty, you can add weight to each of these and also jump in between each squat or lunge. This will add resistance and burn fat.
  • Hourglass
    This type is described as a person with whips and bust measurements being almost equal in size but the waist is narrower. This type is full of curves and has trouble areas in thighs, upper arms, and stomach areas.
    For this body type, total body sculpting and cardio are the best ways to go. Step up squats with shoulder presses, rear lunge row taps, decline pushups, skip-ups, tricep dips, and single leg bridges with presses are all great places to start.

Working out can be difficult when you are just getting started. Sometimes doing a little research can go a long way when trying to figure out what is best for you. Knowing your body type can help get you started at the very least. This can allow you to start exercising and getting into the best shape of your life.

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How To Find A Quality Online Nutrition Course

Nutrition classes studies various food nutrients and how they help in the overall health of people, plants, and animals. For professionals, it is a sector that continues to grow and is expected to reach 15% of growth in the next decade. College nutrition classes include food science and organic chemistry, where students learn about various diets and eating habits involving the production of food. Careers in nutrition include dietitian and nutritionist, where students can get a college degree up to a Ph.D. A growing sector for the nutrition field is online programs, which is helpful for adults who don’t or can’t get to the physical class on campus.

Online nutrition programs are made for professionals and students who have their Bachelors in a  field connected with nutrition. Internships are a big part of nutrition programs while others simply call for a thesis paper based on extensive research. With online or on-campus programs, applicants need to have some experience, even as a licensed nutritionist, with past interning experience because it is an advanced course. Other classes for unexperienced students are made for them to prepare for the exam of their license after they graduate. When pursuing these programs, be aware of the minimal requirements they look for.

The best online nutrition programs are created to expand on the basics of what is learned in the undergraduate classes. Students are taught the complex theories on humans and adult diet, nutrition, and health and how each of them are related to understanding what helps or harms them. These online programs also give students with specific concentrations a chance to get a degree in areas including obesity, malnutrition, sports education, and various eating disorders. Online nutrition programs all give a secondary class compared to the usual classes on health. Online platforms give students a chance to seek all course materials, submit assignments, take exams, and contact their professors at any time from their computer anywhere.

Online classes have been boosted thanks to the growing use of various technology that permits a laptop and tablet being used, as long as it has Wi-Fi. Applications for the classes are online and so are the applications for internships. It is a format that helps everyone with schoolwork and professional work. Nutrition graduates go one to entry-level jobs in the field almost instantly, especially for those who have a specialization in the field. The need for dietitians and nutritionists in various fields is high, which makes taking courses for these programs quite lucrative and easy for people to get involved with. Plus, with online nutrition programs, students  are prepared for those license exams when it comes.

When it comes to picking a program, look at what is around you, what is an accredited school, and what is a program you can feel comfortable with working from home. Everyone has their own needs in an education and the school of choice is based on one’s own criteria. But most courses are going online, making it easier than before.

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How Meditation Will Help You Gain Focus

Meditation is a great technique for relieving stress and encouraging relaxation, it can be beneficial in improving focus and concentration. Focus is the means or skill to pay attention to one sole thing which is become increasingly more difficult in today’s chaotic society which often centers around quick paced multitasking. 

When you are practicing meditation the goal is to center your attention on one sole thought and allow all other thoughts pass you by. If someone is struggling to concentrating so narrowly on one thing, a good way to learn and become familiar with this technique is to concentrate on your breathing.

It’s important to sit in a comfortable position, so there is no physical pain to distract your mind, before closing your eyes and listening to way you breathe. Try not to restrain or control the depth or rate of your breathing, intending it to be as natural as possible.  If a thought does crowd in and ruin or interrupt your focus, let it fade away  as you refocus in on the breathing.

Sit perfectly still, it may seem an unusual or uncomfortable practice but this can greatly help you concentrate on your body and not allow you to be controlled by comfort. Sit still with closed eyes and attempt to not move a sole muscle in your physical body. If you are not used to this practice it will be uncomfortable, perhaps making you feel itchy and giving you achy joint muscles. Unless your pain is anything more than a regular discomfort don’t succumb to it, the focus needed to ignore your body’s urges will help calm you and increase the ability to focus and concentrate.

Once you begin to be comfortable sitting still it becomes easier to listen to the way you breathe for an extended time period without having problems, this is when you should introduce mantras. A mantra is a repeated syllable, phrase of simple a word that can help you focus. The mantra is to be repeated throughout the meditation session, the most famous and simple mantra is the ‘ohm’ which is said on while you exhale. When you inhale your thoughts will attempt to rush back into your mind but a trained focus can keep the mind still and peaceful. Doing this will give you an ability to concentrate on thing for a prolonged period of time, even when being interrupted.

Meditation is often practiced by competitive sports stars, helping them maintain focus even in the face of external and internal distractions. Being able to master this type of focus can be the difference between missing or making a shot, losing or winning the game.

Not only will meditation help you focus but it will help improve  your physical performance and improve endurance. The meditation technique of focusing on something else and working through discomfort will be a vital skill to have during physical endurance. Meditation reduces stress and cortisol levels, this is often done through focusing on breathing which will slow down the heart rate and normalize the blood pressure.

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A Fitness Watch Can Tell You More Than How Many Calories You Burned

When you decided to go out and keep fit this year you probably bought a fitness watch. Another thing that we see as necessary if you live  busy lifestyle and need to improve the way you track your fitness. You may need to keep in mind the idea that the fitness tracker will do more than just tell you the number of calories you have burnt if you wear the watch on your wrist.

Most people do not see the need to buy a fitness watch that has smart features. Well, if your aim is to just be healthier then why do you need a fitness watch that has other extended features? Well in one case it is very important that the watch on your hand does not constantly remind you of how unhealthy you are.

It is not uncommon for a person to point out how you are wearing a fit watch. They may even ask how the journey to losing weight is going. Though it is not common for a person to out rightly tell if it’s just a fitness watch it is common to mistake it for just that. If you have smart features on the watch you can do other things like receive calls which will tell the people around just what the watch is for. This may help when you do not want to make it obvious that you are trying to lose some pounds.

Smart features on the fitness watch such as GPS installed apps are great. Some watches can even give you a step by step route to a certain address if you are walking by foot. You can use other features on the watch. It doesn’t have to be all about fitness but it does help with keeping fit. You can watch some AB tutorial videos on the fitness watch and try them out.

Some other smart features check on your health in a great way. You will notice that the new fitness watches with smart features will monitor your heart rate. You will see stories online of how people got saved from dropping dead thanks to their fitness watches. This can also be the key to keeping your blood pressure low by checking on your heart rate.

Another smart feature is that some fitness trackers are waterproof. This means you can even track you lifestyle choices when you are deep in the local swimming pool. These fitness trackers with smart features will deliver to you the best of both worlds. The use of the watch for its smart features is an added advantage and the fitness part of the watch will ensure you do not lose out on the good uses of watch for your health.

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