Decide What Is Important First

Success is good right? How can anything be bad if you are successful? Doesn't everyone want to be successful? Well there are some aspects to success that can be a hindrance for the individual and those around him or her. Albert Einstein said ‘’Try not to become a man of success, but rather try be a man of value.’’ It’s a question that is often asked but, at what price does success come?

One hindrance of success can be when it comes too early. If someone is not ready for their own success it can cause depression as the young and successful sometimes get too before they are ready for it. Consider the child stars who have one hit and you never hear from again. You can be labelled as lucky when the reality is you have worked hard to get into the position you find yourself in, and in turn feel resentful towards such comments. Success can just happen to some people who are in the right place in the right time and they are not ready and maybe even feel as though they haven't earned it.

Long hours at expense of family and social time. Success can be a hindrance to your real life. It doesn't just happen, long hours and stressful situations. If you lose sight of what you are working for whether it be family or to have more freedom to afford nicer things, it is important not to forget to spend time with the people you want to provide for and to enjoy doing the things you set out to be able to do. How will someone with so much responsibility at work cope when a crisis occurs at home?


An unattractive quality this can involve the guilty party taking on more than they are capable of causing them to either over work or be overcome with stress. This also leads into a sense of entitlement, how will this person feel if they were to get rejected at the next round of promotions. If they are overlooked but have that over confident air to satisfy it will not be kind on their ego.

Constant Quest for More

Success gives you access to a lot of things, a bigger house, a newer and better spec of car, expensive holidays, but with each upgrade you receive in your paycheck, a lot of people's tastes also do the same. This can create a feeling of what you have is never enough, sure the new car is great when you first get it, but what happens 6 months down the line when it is not new anymore and the effect has worn off?


Although risk takers are more likely to be successful there is a line that is often crossed. For every man that made a fortune taking a risk, there are a lot more who lost everything taking one as well. The temptation to risk not only impacts the individual but also those around them, but sometimes the lure of success can be more tempting than the thought of not. Some people can become addicted to risks, the thrill of a deal or an investment can be appealing but can have consequences.

So it is easy to see why successful people have made something of themselves, but the grass is not always greener, consider Einstein's words and ensure that you are something anyone can be - some of value.

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Love or Money? Decide What Is Best For You.

Must Single Mothers be Hasty in Deciding Their Choice for Love Partnership Because of Financial Instability

A happy and healthy relationship is something most of us long for and single mothers are just like the rest of us in this respect. If anything, a stable relationship plays more on the mind of a single mother than the rest of us because with a loving, caring and honest relationship comes the security that we long for. Does this extra pressure automatically mean that single mothers must rush into a relationship where other people might take longer to get to know people? Let’s have a closer look.

There are many pros and cons when it comes to finding a new partner as a single mother and many of these boil down to what is right for the children involved. Weighing up whether the benefits outweigh everything else can take time however this is essential when you are looking for a stable and committed relationship. So what are the most important things to consider for single mothers and does financial instability mean you should rush something you are unsure of.

The financial pressures of being a single parent can be immense and it can weigh heavy on your mind, whether it is relevant or not. Shopping, working and even dating all change and suddenly money becomes a major factor in day to day living. Two parented households are a lot less likely to struggle with financial difficulties and seeing this on a daily basis can take it’s toll, often resulting in relationships being rushed as the idea of being financially stable can make a relationship more appealing.

Although financial stability is a massive thing for single mothers, the wellbeing of their children should always come first and rushing into a relationship is not always the right solution. When you rush into a relationship you are less likely to really know the person you are moving in with and without the proper knowledge of your potential partner, it can be a shock to the system when lifestyles (and finances) merge. Running the risk of another relationship ending badly, are the children involved better off with a short period of financial stability in the tradeoff for turmoil further down the line.

For every single mother that faces the choice the decision can only be made by the people involved and there is no one correct answer. Hastiness might not work for most people but there are plenty of occasions where rushing into relationships just builds a bond that cannot be replicated elsewhere. Must single mothers be hasty? No. Should they be hasty? No. Can they be hasty? Of course! Everyone is different and as such what works for one might not work for another. So if you’re a single mother and you’re looking to meet the guy of your dreams, just do whatever’s best for you! Follow your heart and the rest will follow eventually.

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Who Are The Most Likely Victims Of Crime?

Everyone tries their best to protect themselves from being a victim of a crime. We have security alarms in our homes and cars, we carry legal concealed weapons, and we try to stay away from dangerous areas. So, who are the victims of violent crimes?The groups or victims are the least protected groups in society and “easy” targets for criminals and offenders.The most likely victims of crimes areyoung adults,men,and minority groups.

Children or teens can experience being a victim to a crime in various environments such as online, at school, or at home. Children are taught to respect their elders, which in most cases is a good lesson but also makes them vulnerable. The adults hold the most power in the crime they commit to children since their age gives them authority. The age of the assailant is used as an intimidation factor that makes their younger victim hesitant to ask for help or to report the crime afterwards. Often the adult or adults will give instructions to their younger victims to not report the crime under threat of something happening to their family. The young victims believe the threat because they do not know the actual power the adult has to carry out the threat.

You would think that women would also be in the majority of violent crime victims but it is men. Men are the victims of violent crimes because they are often seen as the “breadwinner” of the family thus making them a target with a higher payout. It is not safe to say that men are more likely to be victims just because of society’s view of men as violent.Men are often the victims of most violent crimes committed but do not report it. The fact that most crimes committed against men go unreported make the crime more favorable to criminals. Men often do not report crimes because of the way that being a victim is portrayed in society; victims are often seen as “weak” and this can hurt men’s masculinity.Masculinity is men’s worse enemy when it comes to being a victim because the perception of a “man” does not match up to the perception of a “victim”.

Minority racial and ethnic groups are also make up most violent crime victims because their reports are often seen as unimportant compared to nonminority reports. The violent crime rate within minority communities are higher than in the nonminority community. Therefore, the reports are seen as a “dime a dozen” situation making it easier to write off in the eyes of law enforcement. Criminals are more likely to commit crimes against racial and ethnic minorities because they know the likelihood of law enforcement answering to the report is low.

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Earn Extra Money By Connecting To Other Mothers

We are living in an era where everything is easy to do and if we want to earn while sitting at home. Then this thing is also possible, and you can now earn just simply doing little bit work from home. We are going to suggest you the best ideas especially for the single mothers that may want to earn extra money. In this way, you can earn money and get connected with your friends or mothers that are also single.

Let’s explore those happy and fantastic ideas that help you to earn some extra money for your family;

Different Ideas to Earn Extra Money

Following are the simple and easy to understand ideas for you;

#1 Start Direct Selling 

If you have a many links and having a strong social network, then the best idea of earning money is to start selling from your home. You can buy direct products from the company and after deducting your profit sell to the other people. Single mothers have many links like friends, kid’s teachers and kid’s friend’s mothers. So these are the connection from which they can earn money in exchanging of direct sale.

#2 Day Care

You can also open a day care center in your home. So that working women’s leave their children’s in their working hour. You can earn good amount of money with this idea. It’s a good opportunity for the single mom to earn some extra money without taking any hustle.

#3 Freelancing

We have another idea that is also easy to implement for the people who love to earn money from home. What you have to do is to write some blogs, contents or article for the person who will hire you. As the result of this, you will receive money. If you do work on a permanent basis, then you can earn a handsome amount at the end of the month.

#4 House Keeping Services

You can earn almost $300 just to spend your 3 hours daily to clean someone house. After doing this job, you can save your time and easily do the responsibility of your home. It’s the time-saving idea of the single mom having lots of children. You can easily do your other work after giving 3 hours of your day.

#5 Pet Care

If your family friends or neighbors are planning to go somewhere in this summer’s, then you can offer them pet take care services. What you have to do is to take care of their pet and earn extra money while giving this service. You can earn $1000 each month after giving your good services. The best thing with this idea is if your kids love pets then they will also offer you their services, and it will become a full-time opportunity for you to earn money.

And remember to use Angels Ad to promote your business with Classifieds Ads, our Business Directory and out Discussion Forums. They are all FREE!

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Economic Emancipation for Single Parents

Becoming a single parent can be one of the most difficult tasks known to humankind. Being the sole carer for such a demanding creature can seem nonstop and is not to be taken lightly. Although children are without a doubt highly rewarding to raise, it is a difficult task when there are multiple sets of hands on board and doing it alone raises the stakes. Yes, it is all the more rewarding but it is also very challenging emotionally, physically and financially.

Economic emancipation allows a parent to take control of the financial wellbeing of their children. This can have a major impact when it comes to having the freedom to truly look after a child and allows the parent in charge the sole responsibility of bringing the child up. It might sound like this would be seen as an extra burden on the parent in question however there are some great aspects to economic emancipation and the role it has in single parenthood.

The main benefit of economic emancipation is that a lone parent will have sole rites to child benefits. These benefits are often the lifeline to a small family and can completely change things for a single parent, allowing them some economic relief as there is less stress to bring in quite as much money on a month by month basis. Single parenthood isn’t the choice most people make however just because you are thrown into a situation does not mean you should have to suffer the consequences and neither should the children – this is becoming a much stronger theme in the present day.

Although there are benefits to emancipation for single parents research indicates that families headed by a single mother are still 5 times more likely to be poor than their two parent counterparts. This is a shocking statistic and what is even more shocking is the fact that it hasn’t changed since the research was first undertaken – 30 years ago. Although times have changed for most of us there is still a certain stigma attached to single parenthood and this makes it much more difficult to be truly economically liberated. In an ideal world there is enough food and money for everyone to live comfortably, regardless of the situation around them however this seems to be more difficult to follow through for some demographics than others.

Being a single parent does not automatically result in poverty and there are many shining examples of single parents that put their children first, no matter what. As a society we need to aim to support these parents more, allowing them the opportunity to do what is right for their children without having to give up what they are good at. Many parents love their jobs and the joy of two parent families is it is much easier to come to a compromise when it comes to work – single parents shouldn’t miss out on this either!

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