Online Business Directories Are Like The Old Yellow Pages Phone Book

A majority of consumers are now going online to search for products and services. This goes to show how important it is for businesses to stay visible online. With the stiff competition in the global market, one of the many ways to stay on top is through business directory listing.

Business Directories Matter

Having a listing in different business directories as possible helps you:

  1. Reach Wider Audience – Business Directory Listings increase your chances to be discovered by potential customers
  2. Dramatic Boost in Search Rankings – It is important to have the correct and consistent information listed in your directory. Providing the most accurate and relevant information optimizes your local search engine optimization ranking.
  3. Credibility - Business Directory Listings add value and credibility to your brand, products and services
  4. Boost Sales – People looking for places to dine, shop and to purchase services often take a look at the content on local directory sites to see what other users have to say in the comments and ratings of a certain business. Thus, business listing is a good marketing strategy

The Place for Business Directory Listing

Gone are the days of concentrating on yellow pages or phone directories for business listings. Check out these places for business directories which will help you establish your brand and products online:

Google My Business

Google is no doubt the dominating search engine worldwide. So without a doubt Google My Business is the best place for your business directory needs. It is free and the process of registration is not at all complicated. It is consistently ahead in online searches so you will have bigger visibility among target consumers.


Bing Places for Business is a Microsoft product. Like Google, it is also one of the most trusted site for listings. It is free and easy to use.


Yelp’s business directory listing offers free tools to manage listings, including the ability to respond to reviews, create special offers, upload photos and review business trends


Facebook is free and the exponentially growing FB users is enough reason to consider it in business listing.


Instagram is a rapidly growing social media platform for photo and video sharing. It is also now a good place for listing given its growing number of users.


Yahoo Local Listing drives millions of searches daily like Google. Although it is no longer as popular as before, it is still a good market strategy supplement.


TripAdvisor is considered the world’s biggest travel site. It is one of the best options for business related to travel, hospitality, entertainment industries and the likes.


Whitepages contain the largest directory database of contact information among US and Canada. It is one of the most heavily referenced pages among consumers.

Business Listings helps businesses in a number of ways. In this internet of things era, getting online visibility is the key driver to thrive in the global market. So if you want to build audience and boost your online presence, start by getting your business a directory listing.

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Why Do People Commit Violent Crimes?

Every day we hear more and more about violent crimes committed in our community. Usually the first thing that comes to mind is “how could anyone do such a thing?”. Despite how it seems, no one commits violent crimes without some sort of motivation or instigation. The people who commit violent crimes are usually lead to these crimes due complex factors usually caused by a traumatic childhood, their development, or environment.

We all know that violent criminal behavior is not linked to genes but rather violent behaviors are learned from violent parents. Research has shown that negative family factors can influence children to take on violent behaviors.Negative family factors such as poor parenting, size of family, abuse, antisocial guardians, and family conflict are some factor shared by people who commit crimes. Studies have shown that people who have committed a violent crime and have experience some type of negative family factors growing up, are more likely to become a repeat offender. Despite being a common factor, a negative family influence does not usually cause a person to commit violent crimes. Ordinarily, there are more factor in play when a violent crime is committed.

Mental illness and peer pressure may also play a role in influencing a person to commit a crime. More than half the population of prisoners in United States prisons and jails have some type of mental illness. There is a strong correlation between crime and mental illness but there the cause-and-effect relationship has not been proven. The same can be said for peer pressure; children may be influenced to perform negative behavior if motivated by their peers. Studies have shown that peer pressure is one factor that can influence people to commit violent crimes. However, not everyone usually falls victim to the influence of their peers so it is still a debatable factor mush like mental illness.

The environment a person developments can also play a part in the violent crimes they commit. The levels of income, education levels, and occupations have the strongest influence on whether a person commits a violent crime. Children from low-income families are more likely to be charged with crimes by the age of 24 than children from middle and high-income families. A census of the Unites States prison population has shown that more than half do not have high school diplomas. Children that come from low-income families and feel unmotivated to continue their education are most at-risk of commit violent crimes in the future.

In conclusion, violent crimes are most likely performed by people due to various complex factors. People may be driven to commit violent crimes due their socioeconomic backgrounds or negative family influences.There is no one reason that people commit such violent or heinous crimes. People who come from these negative backgrounds and can still develop into productive members of society. Very much like people who come from very supportive families with high-income can commit violent crimes. Overall, the reasons given can have some influence on a person to commit a violent crime but the answer is not definite.

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What Drive Entrepreneurs? What Drives You?

The inspirational book by Simon Sinek ‘’Start with Why’’ is a good place to start when exploring what drives you as an entrepreneur. Without a Why you do not have a purpose, so find your why and you will find your purpose and what drives you. From an outside view many would simply believe it was money that drives them, although that can be an end goal, it is not necessarily why. Here are some of the things that drive entrepreneurs.

Solving Problems

Some entrepreneurs are driven by the will to solve problems, this can be through inventing  useful product or app that solves a problem for people, or can also be to help solve a client's problem, a life coach may be good at helping to solve the problems of others and find this drives them to improve. Where many people see problems, entrepreneurs see solutions and this is an element of what sets them apart from others.


Some entrepreneurs are driven by the freedom that comes with choosing your own hours, workplace and even location. A lot of internet marketing entrepreneurs will speak of the benefits of the lifestyle that can be enjoyed by working for yourself, many of them from the comfort of their laptop.You also choose the pace of which you work with this type of life. You can do as much work as the day will allow you but then do the bare minimum the next day to enjoy a day away from work.


Yes this does come into it for some, also linked to power a large proportion of the world's richest individuals are entrepreneurs Warren Buffet and Bill Gates to name a few are just some of the world billionaires who obtained their status through being self-made entrepreneurs


A lot of entrepreneurs do what they do because they love it! Many work in interesting industries or are doing fulfilling work such as coaching others which gives a lot of personal satisfaction in return. They can love their work for different reasons such as they find it challenging, engaging or just plain interesting. A lot of entrepreneurs have life lessons and unfulfilling previous careers to compare them to. In short, most entrepreneurs love what they do.

Social Responsibility

A lot of entrepreneurs just want to make the world a better place. A lot of inventors will have a reason in mind for how they want to improve the world. Look at what Steve Jobs was driven by? He wanted to create amazing products that made the world a better place when he left it. This can also be true for those who want to earn more to give more back.

So an entrepreneur is different from many others in that there are many things that drive them and not just wealth. They choose a career based on not only their talents, but on things that inspire them and give them a drive that not everyone has. Not only this but they use this drive to give more back to others as well as invest in their self-improvement. They are motivated to get better in order to serve others better, a drive that benefits everyone.

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Technology Drives Business

If you have a time machine, you will probably be able to see how technology has immensely evolved over the years. The fast rate of technology breakthroughs has also literally changed the way today’s businesses operate.

The top six ways technology has affected the business operations today:


Smartphones and other mobile devices have made great impact in business operations today. Everything can now be done in just a “click of a button”. Mobile services allow you to do business remotely. Everything from instant sales and product updates, sales and marketing, product and shipping transactions and customer relations are now conveniently done through mobile devices. With the rise of the millennials, mobile technology has also changed the way consumers are interacting and dealing with products and services. Most consumers now shop, find new products, and share their experiences via mobile devices.

Bigger and Efficient Data Storage

Online storage systems available nowadays have helped keep data and important information secured, safe and easily accessible anytime and virtually anywhere. Massive data can now be stored in servers and cloud storage over the web. Google Drive and Adobe Cloud are few online system servers which provide reliable and efficient storage systems.

Increased Productivity

Through technology various business tasks are done quickly and easily. Technology has help eliminate time-consuming day to day processes like documentation, filing and data entry. Truly with the right choice of software and hardware, businesses are able to maximize proficiency and productivity.

Faster Transaction

Technology has made business transactions faster. Machines have helped employees do their tasks quickly. Teleconferencing and telecommuting provide fast communication that saves time and costs.

Efficient Communication

Communication is very important in running businesses. Technology has made communication a lot easier. Important meetings and conferences can now be done remotely anytime and anywhere. Even while you are commuting or in the middle of a vacation somewhere, you can still receive and make instant sales updates. Technology has also brought businesses and consumers closer. Product orders, inquiries, and complaints can simply be done through online chats. Call centers are examples of how customer service and communication are made efficient and fast through technology.

Digital Advertising and Marketing

Gone are the days when businesses rely heavily on print ads and papers to advertise their products and services. The Internet and social media has taken a toll in the field of marketing and advertising strategies. Advertising can be found literally anywhere from search engines to social media platforms and blogs. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are now important and effective methods to introduce products and reach consumers.

Technology has generally helped in business processes optimization. It has made a big impact in the way businesses run today. Simply put, technology solutions have not only changed your business processes it has helped running your business. Competing in the digital world is rather a big challenge so staying ahead of innovations in data, connectivity and systematic processes is crucial. Otherwise, you and your business will easily be left out.

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Productive Members of Society?

When a crime is committed, the person or people who committed the crime are to blame. It is just to think that they should be blamed for breaking the law but in the bigger picture society is to blame for the crime. Society pushed the law breakers to commit crimes by making them feel as if they had no choice or that they felt that through the normal routes of life that they would not succeed. Society can help those most at-risk of committing a crime by encouraging them to succeed and motivating them to rise above.

Those most at risk to commit crimes are people from low-income families that do not feel motivated to continue their education. Most often than not, they are seen as “trouble-makers” in the classroom and are continually punished to the point that they no longer see a need to go to school anymore. Society has failed these children because they do not see they need to help “those that do not want to be helped”. These children only want any kind of attention they can receive and they receive it by acting out. Society can help put them on the right track by helping them receive the attention they require in a more positive way. The energy these children have can be put into a project they feel passionate about such as dance, sports, or art. By allowing a child to perform a task they enjoy and rewarding them for their efforts, they will feel more motivated to continue their education. Studies have shown that positive reinforcementsworksbetter than negative reinforcements in the development of a child.

For many that have committed crimes and want to rejoin society, they often find that society is reluctant to help them. In most cases, employers do not want to or are hesitant in hiring people with a criminal record. An unfruitful employment search often lead ex-offender to return to their life of crime. Society needs to invest in ex-offenders if we ever want them to become functioning members. Studies have shown that ex-offenders who earn more after 2 months of their release, are less likely to commit another crime. The likelihood of an ex-offender repeating a crime can also be drastically reduced by access to stable housing.An evaluation of the Returning Home-Ohio program found that ex-offender that were connected to housing service were 60% less likely to return to prison.

In conclusion, it is society’s job to prevent offenders from developing and help those that have committed crimes to return to society. Our studies have shown who are most at-risk of making the wrong decisions that lead to a criminal life so we know who to help. We can guide children to find their passion that can help drive them forward and motivate them to succeed. We can help ex-offenders return to society by helping them find employment and stable homes. The stability of their new lives will allow them to become productive members of society.

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