Free classified site has produced many benefits for business dealers around the world. The most important value of classified ads is that it reduces cost of advertisement by the use of its free features. product dealers and marketers today have migrated to this platform so as to increase the outreach of their businesses and boost productivity.

There are over millions of users and sites visitors who love to engage themselves on timely ads update. These enable marketers to showcase their product without paying a cost. This brings up the competition among dealers who keep their ads running every minute.

Some dealers abuse the free features of classified site by registering same products on multiple categories so as to appear on every search made by the users. Such practice has been disliked by classified sites which made them block already posted details from appearing twice or more.

For a business dealer, the best practice involve in ranking a product ahead of other users are consistency, Information delivery and regular product update.

  1. Consistency: A dealer needs to be consistent with product postings. There is need for every product to be classified according to its category. By this practice, you are always on top ahead of other dealers.
  2. Good information delivery:  Providing necessary and important information about your products is a recommended approach which leave visitors with an expectation of your services at all time.
  3. Regularly update your post: Some classified sites are programmed to suit recent post update. With a steady update, the visibility rate of your ads in any category increases ahead of others. It is suggested that any post made on classified sites should be updated at weekly or daily interval to boost its visibility score.

With the few practices above, one could top ahead of every posts without any restriction. 


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