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Simple Yes or No questions... Do you want to win? Do you know, Smart people work with smart people?

FREE + Get your OWN Custom T-shirt Design, Flyer Design or Album Cover Design with:
**$150 1 Long Website Page PREMIUM WORDPRESS Website Design with Social Links, BIO & Book/Call Now Button!
**$250 Profile Page with Shopping Cart
1 Item/Product or Service, Call to Action Button, Contact Form Email/Call Now Button.
**$350 3-4 Pages
**$450 5-7 Pages **includes less than 20 items Storefront Cart
**$750-$1000 Full/Drop Shipping Storefront Cart, Video Background Header
**$1500-$10,000+ CODING (Registration, Monthly Subscribers Membership, BIG Storefront Ecommerce, Social Media/Dating Site).

NOTE: Serious about your brand? Invest in something that CLEARLY works, it's what the Corporate Professionals are doing...
Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO) it's PROVEN effective when done with the proper strategies and budget.
This is the BEST Marketing service I offer, simply because it WORKS. Budget has to be atleast $125 per week for 5 phrases, $250 per week for 10-15 phrases,
$500 for 20-25 phrases. Obviously the MORE keywords you use the better chances of you dominating the lane! Yet, starting somewhere is better than sitting in neutral.

Work with a 15+ Years Pro that is here to steer you in the proper direction... Proven Results! Corporate Standards!
Shannon Action, LLC
Your Branding, Marketing, Celebrity Booking & Themed Event Coordinator
"Let's Get A Plan" "You'll Be The Star"

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Business Branding & Marketing

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