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How to Post an Ad

Welcome to! Our site is 100% free to post most ads, and 100% free to browse ads, and respond to ads. To post your first free ad you will need to create an account. You do not need an account to browse ads or respond to ads. Below are some guidelines on how to post a good, quality ad.

To start the ad posting process, simply click the “Post an ad” link in the top right corner of any page. If you haven't logged in, or do not yet have an account, you will be prompted to do this.

The "post an ad" form is split into 5 sections - Ad details, Images & Video, Contact details, SEF settings, and Membership & Promotion.

Ad Details

Add a title (Mandatory)

Try to make your title attention grabbing. "Kittens for sale" doesn't have as much appeal as "Adorable, fluffy kittens - all with shots and spayed/neutered".

Select Category (Mandatory)

When selecting a category, you want to match it as close to your ad as possible. For example, if I was to sell a bicycle I would select the “For Sale” category and then the “Sporting Goods/Outdoors” subcategory.

Asking Price

Add the price you want to sell for (in USD). The asking price is completely up to the seller/advertiser. If you are unsure what price to list you can include terms like “obo” (or best offer) or “firm” to let people know where you stand on the price.

Select a tag

Currently, only one tag is available "Sale". 


In the description field you should include specific details about what you are advertising. The more information you provide the more likely someone will respond to your ad. Unlike some of our competition, we allow a full text editor for this.

Images & Video

You can link to a YouTube video if you have one, as well as adding up to 5 images.

Contact Details

Self explanatory.

SEF Settings

Again, unlike our competitors, we want to give you every opportunity to sell your items. What's the point otherwise??!! So we have the SEF section where you can enter keywords or phrases relating to your item, as well as a short description (we recommend under 140 characters). These 2 fields help in searches. These fields are not mandatory, but are encouraged for your benefit.

Membership & Promotion

Here you can choose to post your ad for free, or pay a small fee to puch it to the top of the listings (Promotoe your ad). This section defaults to free.


When you have finished filling out your ad and you are ready to publish it simplycheck the box "I agree to the terms and conditions) this links to the Terms and Conditions page if you'd like to read themagain), and click the “Post ad” button.

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