When you think of frugal living in some cases you may be thinking about cheapskates you see in some documentaries and think that is not for me. You may feel that frugal people are bad people. Some may even call them mean. Bad parents, bad relatives and bad friends. The only problem is being frugal does not mean that you are cheap. It just means you have found a balance between spending and investing. These are two different things. Being frugal is knowing which purchase falls into which category.

Here are some quick tips on how to adapt frugal living into your lifestyle.

  • Know what you value.
    The key to staying happy while being frugal is to know what it is you value. Does watching cable TV give you happiness? Is it necessary for you to go out once in a while to stay happy? These all seem like minor things but they are the ones that will make living frugal a breeze or super hard. Start by listing down what is important to you. Then make sure you reorganize them in a priority list. Start cutting back from the bottom of the list. This will help you feel less like being cheap and more of de-cluttering your life.
    Also remember that every household has different meanings of being frugal and different needs. A $50,000 pick-up may be of value to a cattle farmer but will seem like an unnecessary expense at first. It should all melt down to what you deem of value.
  • Baby steps.
    You cannot just wake up one day and go full on frugal. The whole idea of being frugal is a process and a mindset. Some people are more frugal than others. You cannot just wake up one morning and start collecting rain water to flush your lavatories. This is an extreme change and would probably go crazy trying to keep up with this type of lifestyle change. Before you go buying self-wheat grinders why not start with something simple like switching off the lights when you leave a room. You can also open the windows instead of using the AC at its full capacity on a hot day. Look at the small things you can change in your home before starting off with the larger items. Being frugal does not have to be hard. Take it as a process and cut back slowly to ease the transition.
  • Frugal shoppers.
    In order to save on money you have to save on purchases. This is why you need to come up with a budget whenever you go to the mall. Being frugal does not mean being cheap. Do not go into an electronics section and buy the cheapest heater you can find. Chances are it will get spoiled quickly and you will need to buy another one real soon therefore spending more money. Do your research on items before buying them. Go through customer reviews and make an informed decision.
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