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Pet Industry Trends

To the business minded of you animal loving people, pet industry is becoming more and more mainstream. Pet owners are willing to spend more on pet-care products and services than ever before. Pets are being considered more and more as family and this feeling that ‘pets are family’ has only grown immensely in the past few years. This is the reason we ask people in the pet loving industry to capitalize on the booming pet industry through Angels Ad  Local pet classified website.

Here are a few interesting pet industry trends

  • Spending on pets will increase: Food, supplies, OTC medicine, Vet care, animal purchases and pet services; every sub industry in the pet world is going to see a rise in billions, to the effect that by 2020 pet care industry will could grow to hit $96 billion in revenue. As the consumer spending on pets are being tallied, the only aspect that has probably seen a slight dip in sales is the live animal purchases because many people are moving towards a more humane option of adopting abandoned animals. Whether you are into animal purchases or adoptions, whether you are into services or food and supplies; our free online classified website and our global business directory will ensure that your word gets delivered to millions of people
  • Pet ownership will continue to rise: It is said “without pets my wallet would be full, my house clean but my heart would be empty”. An awareness that pets bring a bundle of joy and can act as a cure to many insecurities and pressures in life, cannot be disputed anymore. The proof of which is directly visible in the significant rise in the number of pet ownerships in the past few years. This is only a growing phenomenon and there is no indication that these numbers are going to drop in the near future. If you are a pet owner and for some reason, you are unable to keep your pets, our local pet classified website, will publish your pet’s pictures and urge people to adopt him or her. Although, there will be heart break, but at least you will know that you have chosen the best kind of people to take care of your sunshine.
  • Technology and pet care will grow hand in hand: Technological innovations in pet care also will grow in leaps and bounds. Instruments that record your dog’s barking pattern when you are not home, track the amount of exercise your dog is getting, web camera live streaming setup to check on your pets while you are at work, time based food giving machine; are some examples of pet care innovation going forward.
  • Increasing use of working dogs: A special note needs to be made on the increase in use of working animals (especially dogs). As America has seen a great rise in people trusting animals with human-like intelligence and training them to give us services, an industry in its own right has grown around this concept. Many companies specialize in training guard dogs which are well adjusted as house pets, pets that help with PTSD and dogs that assist the physically challenged, have increased. If you are such a company, you are doing a great service to humanity and we will partner with you through our website Angels Ad for getting maximum reach
  • Pet health care will become more available: By the end of 2014 pet insurance in America and Canada had risen up to 1.4 million pets. There are companies that have become increasingly aware of employees who would like pet care insurance as part of their employee benefits package; bringing the corporate business world and animal loving world together, to mutually benefit each other. The government’s targeted programs to ensure more veterinarians are created, by launching part loan repayment programs, have given rise to increased number of vets who are available to care for your pets. Diet supplements, hydrotherapy for older dogs, laser therapy, live consultation with vets; are all significant improvements in the way the world perceives the importance of animals in their lives today.

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Due to our commitment to animals and pet care; we bring you the only website that will bring the buyer, adopter, seller, service provider and product seller, to one platform. Here you can not only just buy, adopt, sell or find your pet, but you can connect to this great surging world of the booming pet industry and animal lovers; to maximize profits and joy simultaneously.

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