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When most people do not know about your website, it is our job to teach them to reach it and donate for a cause. We will help you raise awareness, raise empathy and raise money, through our online classified website. After all – what else is fundraising? It is the art of guiding people to find their cause and teaching them the joy in giving. With simple methods, gives you a free fundraising platform catering to newcomers and established causes. From raising money for medical expenses, tuition assistance, and animal rescue; to flood and earthquake relief; we will assist you in every need. Whether you already have a website or not; if you wish to reach maximum audience, then sign up with us for free.

10 Tips to increase your online fundraising

Accessibility of internet donations and payments has been one reason attributed for increase in donations 12%. This figure keeps rising because of the simplicity and convenience to be able to do one’s duty of giving without undue hassle. This is the main reason we ask you use our global business directory as a platform to capitalize the benefits of online fundraising. There are various ways to increase your online presence and success by taking advantage of the increase in the giving trend in consumer behaviors. Here are 10 such tips -

  1. Make your mission statement prominent: A dramatic but concise mission statement that people can relate to immediately should be created. Remember, the attention span of an internet browser is just 60 seconds, before he/she moves onto another website. Therefore, your mission statement should be placed prominently in your advertisements, so that it can catch instant attention and then hold it.
  2. Tell your supporters how these funds are being used: Most important to a user is transparency, that the funds given are being utilized in the right way. When you ask for funds for a given cause, donors like to know how their funds are being utilized. Some donors are willing to give funds to a cause irrespective of which project they are funding, others like to choose the specific program they would like to donate to. Either way, you must ensure that you send regular updates and explain to them the impact of their contributions.
  3. Set some standard giving levels: Create some kind of a grid that helps donors understand the tangible impact of incremental donations. For example, $25 will provide X support, but just by adding $5 to the donation, they will be instrumental is providing X+Y+Z support. You must ensure to keep these levels simple, true and straightforward.
  4. Ensure that the payment platform is secure: Make sure that your donor knows that you are using an encrypted platform for payments that is safe from hackers and will keep their personal information secure. When you make patches from time to time to increase security, make sure you get this message across to your donors.
  5. Make all communication mobile friendly: All blogs, emails, messages should be mobile friendly. Most internet users today, browse internet on their phones. A distorted message or non-mobile friendly message is loss of a huge chunk of potential donors.
  6. Make optimum use of images and create blogs: A pictures tells more than what a thousand words can. Take impactful pictures and add to your messages. Pictures are as important as the mission statement. An adverse situation can be best described by a picture and no matter how many words are used, the impact will not be the same. Use of blogs is another impactful way to increase visits to your page. Our online free blog site allows you to reach out to millions of likeminded people who can then be directed to your page or website to know more.
  7. Make donations easy and uncomplicated: The donations sign should be visible and prominent just after you have explained your cause. It should be easy to navigate and should be tested multiple times. When the user reaches a decision to pay, the website should be able to support the payment the same moment. It is very rare for a donor to come back to the same page once he has moved on.
  8. Harness the power of recurring donations: A large upfront donation is much more pinching than recurring small monthly or yearly amounts. If your cause is an ongoing program, then you can offer a recurring donation system to the donor, so that you do not have to approach them every month or season. This also facilitates ongoing payment even after the said recurring period is over. If you have been transparent about the spending and good at communicating the tangible impact of donations to your patrons, they are more likely to renew the recurring payment than newer patrons, who will need to convince.
  9. Use social media and create partnerships: Partner with classified advertising platform like to increase your reach. Just by generating a great advertisement link to your page, you can have it published to all social media websites and blogs. Make donations fun and philanthropy enjoyable, through you creative campaigns.
  10. Acknowledge every donation: An acknowledgment of donation and a thank you should be sent to every donor within 3 days of donation. The key to success of an online fundraising campaign is trust. The first step in the direction of trust is acknowledge the donation and giving transparency to the donation program.

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