How do you define what makes a leader and what are the qualities and characteristics that defines a leader in the lives of teenagers.

Often, you have heard the comment, “He or she is a born leader”. This is certain because there are characteristics found in some teenagers that seem naturally clear they are the future leaders of tomorrow.

Even if a teenager develops the abilities to become a leader, there should be need to examine the in –born characteristics which qualifies he or she to be attribute as one.

One way to know if a teenager possesses the leadership qualities is by exploring their potentials and understanding it as is part of their personality,

Below are the seven qualities that help you know the abilities of leadership in a teenager.

  1. Exemplary character is one most important characteristic that determines a good leader. It is utmost viable that ensure that a leader is trustworthy to lead other people. Determine by knowing if the child is trustworthy, honest and reliable. Let alone, a true leader has the gets its authority and respect by the good character or trustworthiness he or she possesses.
  2. Being enthusiastic about their job, duties and role from the early age can help determine a good leader in a teenager. People are eager to respond more openly to a passionate and dedicated leader. A leader has to be responsible for any leadership role and always be seen to be part of a team working towards a goal.
  3. Confidence is another attribute that defines a leader. A leader needs to set direction and appear so confident to motivate others. This will inspire the followers to perfect and complete a task as a team. For a proposed objective, the confidence conveyed by a leader inspires the best effort from his members.
  4. A good leader always think in an analytical way and ensures he keeps the main goal in focus, breaking job task down into manageable steps and sub parts for closer inspection to make progress.
  5. A leader needs to function adequately in a purposeful manner. Orderliness in uncertain situations can be handled by strong confidence, conveying a positive demeanor and security reassurance to the people shows the capabilities of a leader.
  6. When a teenager is committed to achieving excellent result, the hope of becoming a good leader is seen. A leader’s major aim is to achieve strong goals with committed excellence and greatness.
  7. A teenager who possesses tolerance of all ambiguity is expected to make good leadership in the future. Good leaders always hold the qualities of remaining calm, composed and steadfast to their main course. He / she should consider challenges as part of the journey and keeps a cool head.

The above characteristics should be the foundation of good leadership in a teenager. Above all, each of these leadership attributes could be developed and strengthened to help them perform better in the nearest future.

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