Most teenagers would attribute success to be a mystery without having knowledge of the principles to assist them in life. One has to think on ways to make the next 12 months, 5 years or future better than the last. Maybe you want to increase your pocket pay, academic rating, giving more attention to religious life or having to lose a few of those extra pounds.

Irrespective of the situation you might want to achieve, there are simple steps and principles to help you get to the peak of your desires.

Below are the seven principles to assist you while walking your purpose;

  1. WHERE YOU CHOOSE TO BE IS WHERE YOU WILL BE: One of the biggest challenges in our society is that many teenagers choose to remain in their present situation. This is the result of the choice, habit, belief, decision and action they finds themselves in the point of life. Realizing that you are the creator of your life activities, you must take full responsibility for the decisions and actions you make.
  2. MAKE YOUR GOALS CLEAR: There is this vague idea in most teenagers that they want more money or to become so healthier. But one of the reasons why most teenagers fail today is that they don’t have a specific idea on what to do. 30 minutes day dreaming could assist you on knowing what your ideal is all about. Perhaps, you can get more insights on how you would want your life to look like. You’ll be much better to reach your goals if you plan and make your decisions clear.
  3. POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE: This principle helps to create and accelerate change in a teenager’s life. It is important to believe that you are different and unique from the masses. The good altitude to have is to describe it as a ‘cheerful expectation’. A lot of people believe that the world is in a downward spiral which produces nothing good. Listening to those people who’s always justifying their miserable existence will place you in the wrong direction as they are. aiou result
  4. ALWAYS HAVE A POSITIVE THOUGHT: The philosophy of this world has showed that someone could not achieve something they didn’t believe on. You have to always believe in positivity. Always expect that what you want is available and possible for you to achieve.
  5. CREATE A MANAGEMENT TEAM WITHIN YOU: This might sound funny and time wasting but a lot of great achievers confirmed it. Having a virtual team or simply ‘Board of Directors’ within your mind are actually a way to organize your purpose. This way, your decision is influenced by these directors working things out for you. By surrounding yourself with people who are exemplary in life, you will achieve a better result. If you can’t meet or have access to them physically, read their books, listen to their audios or simply attend seminars that works in line with your dreams.
  6.  IMAGINE SUCCESS NOT TO BE TRIUMPHANT: Most teenagers believe to succeed means breaking through massive barriers or overcoming huge obstacles. Success should be a very easy thing to actualize. Most of the success resistances might mean we are not doing something right. Revert your ideas and have a complete rethink over the things you are doing.
  7. DESERVE: Determine if actually you deserve to have want you want. Think of it very well and know if it’s going to be a problematic factor in order not to start heaping guilt on yourself for what you have done or not done. We often let the feelings of guilt make us feel like we don’t deserve something better.

Reaching your goals at desired time is what determines the success of life. Teenagers need to perish negative thoughts and believe it is their birthright to live an abundance and prosperous life.

Make the decision today because you really deserve to live a better life full of freedom.

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