A lot of people are left in the state of chaos when left with the choice to decide which business to startup. However, it is important to organize and work out plans on a simple detail so as to avoid unnecessary thoughts that will further derail the dreams.

However, there is no business one can establish without investing money but we are going to narrate few businesses one could encroach into without spending much.

Here are the lists of business to start up on low capital

  1. Freelancing and Outsourcing: This depends on the skill an individual possesses and willing to render them either as a service or jobs.  The popular freelance connection comes through an online source. E.g. A company might demand to use an external employee to organize certain jobs, mere looking at your offer, they might contract you to accomplish it as a one time job.
  2. Computer Games and App development: Developing application for companies is a demanding business that will increasingly build you company. A lot of companies will want either a mobile app or other web application to run their daily activities. All you need is to get your ready developer and declare your services to those companies.
  3. Consumer Business: Dealing on consumable products is a nice business to engage on because people have to eat, use and replace their needs regularly.
  4. Mobile Dinning is a business one could start with little capital as it entails selling meals to people in offices, workplace and construction sites. Unlike the retail shops, It is a beneficial source of business that moves around places to sell or distribute meals.
  5. Online Shopping: Online stores are the leading business in the global world today. Millions of people around the world prefer to shop online and have their goods delivered to them at all convenience.
  6. Fuel Distribution services: Many countries depend on fuel to run out their daily activities including cars, generator sets e.t.c. The high consumption rate of the fuel in those countries gives room for a beneficial business opportunity.

In the next article, I will be writing on fuel delivery, boosting services and the requirements necessary to startup the business.

There are other choices of business available but this depends on the field you are passionate about.

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