So you have your first aid kit, your wind up dynamo torch and your set of tools. You feel like you can take on the world, and rightly so. With the right tools, a sharp mind and the knowledge to survive, you can handle anything. However, every now and then an invention will come around that will rapidly become the must-have gadget for those of us interested in survivalism.

Some of these you may have seen already, others are brand new. But regardless of how they have performed on the market, these are such a selection of some of the gadgets that you absolutely must add to your survival kit as soon as is humanly possible. After all, it pays to stay innovative - especially when you and your family’s lives depend on it.

1. Blue Freedom Hydropower Plant

This piece of eco-friendly technology is a must have for all those who wish to put together a survival kit and remain in some communication with the world. At only 20cm in diameter, the portable Blue Freedom Hydropower Plant is able to charge a huge range of devices after just a few moments in running water.

2. Lifestraw Steel

As anybody who has ever been hiking or camping in the great outdoors will testify, finding fresh, drinkable water is vital. Thankfully, numerous companies now market some truly life changing devices to get around this. Lifestraw Steel is just one example, but its unique slim design means this particular gadget won’t weigh you down on the move.

3. Light My Fire Swedish FireKnife

No survival kit can do without some sort of fire starter, so why not check out the Swedish FireKnife by Light My Fire? Extremely sharp, flexible and sturdy all round knife, with the added bonus of a fire starter in the handle. You should ever leave home without it.

4. Tactical Credit Card Axe

This may seem like a whimsical thing to have, but if a practical tool that can fit in the palm of your hand isn’t a useful thing to have then I’m not sure what is. Made with 12 gauge, 304 stainless steel, this multipurpose tool can be used to create a hatchet, bottle opener, shovel, knife blade - even an arrow head - without having to worry about carrying an unwieldy axe with you.

5. QuickStove Cook Kit

When space is limited, versatility becomes an important part of every gadget. The QuickStove offers this in abundance. With 13 unique cooking combinations, there really isn’t much else on the market that is so useful - and so portable - for cooking on the move. Made to accommodate those in emergency survival situations, this is a must have for all would-be survival kits.

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