This is one of those things a lot of people do not like to talk about because it seems silly or embarrassing. Technology and machinery has enabled us to travel to almost every end of the earth so why would someone have travel anxiety. People dreamed of the day they could hop on a plane and be in a different state in like an hour or two and now you can! The one thing that is common to almost all people is the fact that we want to go to new places and see new things but some of us are just not up to the journey. People with travel anxiety may love to travel but they do get lost in their heads from time to time. Here are a few tips on dealing with travel anxiety if you’re one of them.

  1. Self –care before the trip.
    Sometimes you need to take care of your body way before the trip starts. Ensure you are caring for your body. Low stress levels, balanced blood sugar levels and hormones will be your best friends in this case. You cannot eat foods high in sugar all the time and then just decide to hop on a bus or plane. Processed foods contain a lot of Trans-fats and sugar which will cause you to be on a sugar high. You may end up crashing while traveling and that is when the anxiety is going to come in. Eat plenty of fruits, snack on peanuts or high protein snacks during the trip. Low blood sugar levels will cause irritability and unrest.
  2. Relocate your mind.
    In some of these options you will find that you will need to take your mind as far away as possible but in this specific option you will need to bring it back to reality. The reason for this is because when you get into your head too much is when you find yourself thinking of everything that could go wrong. Instead use arm and hand exercises to distract yourself from your thoughts.
  3. Make up stories.
    If you cannot get out of your head then it would be wise to change the narrative in your mind. This just means that for every bad story you have herd or you are thinking about in your mind come up with an alternative. This means come up with stories that have a positive result to counteract the ones you already know.
  4. Music is food for the mind and soul.
    If all else fails then pop some earphones and go to another era. Whenever you’re traveling get a playlist for different moods you want to set. You can get one that’s groovy, cool and a dance playlist. A song played during your high school dance might get you feeling nostalgic and completely get your mind off the anxiety.
  5. Get to know the place.
    Some people suffer travel anxiety because they are weary of the new places they are to visit. In this case do more than read a few travel magazines or brochures. Look up real people experiences on travel blogs and platforms.
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