Years ago, I made some research partaking to the increase crime rate ravaging teenagers. My observation figured out some derailing factors and produced possible ways to reduce it.

From the analysis, over 65% of youths around the world today struggles to make a living.

In Africa, young ones within the age range of 14 – 18 are often abandoned to face their courses. They are left to provide and carter for themselves including feeding and providing shelter. Going through this way, young ones are totally out of parental control or guidance, thereby forcing unwanted characters into them.  

Recent re-occurrence of massive output of graduates facing the lesser job opportunities in Africa has led to joblessness amongst youths. This fact promotes the derailing factor which enhances the increase crime rate amongst teenagers. At a point, depression will set in as a result of joblessness which eventually leads most teenagers into hard drugs addiction, immoralities and depravities.

There are many ways to tackle these problems and all should be centralized on interactivity and moral engagement.

Education acts as a means of engaging teenagers and also as a formal approach towards eliminating these problems.

The introduction to entrepreneurial studies in high schools will perhaps solve this problem. Students can imbibe the basic knowledge of engaging themselves into creative and productive fields. They will be faced with several opportunities after school and at later time, will improve the growth of the nation’s economy by providing wider avenues for jobs.

Providing skills set opportunities is another way to engage teenagers. There is need to prepare young ones into skills so as to engage them into starting a lucrative job and providing solutions with their various fields.

Work at home jobs could play a significant role in engaging teenagers. This way, teenagers can carter for their urgent needs and build a career that would help establish their dreams.

Many employers today seeks for online freelancers to help sort some challenging jobs in their offices and the only way to do this is by splitting jobs to people. This could be done through online mediums e.t.c.

Engaging teenagers to seminars or motivational events is resourceful because it builds moral knowledge to them. Talks at these seminars improve the life standard and prospective ambitions of teenagers, therefore nurturing their dreams.

In no doubt, it is endorsed that every teenager must be engaged either with Educational activities, Jobs, Seminars or Entrepreneurial studies that will help curb idealness, frustration, depression and vices in the society.

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