When it deals with business, marketing in the global business is different today than it was in the past years and this is rapidly changing as the future draws near.

In this modern era, selling, marketing and business development requires good prospect prior to the use of internet system, Relationship, Network and Investigative selling.

Some market components used to generate leads, product performance and promotion are inefficient or no longer effective. Today, marketing and business development also involves setting the stage for people and organizations to find you so that it deals and provides solution for their business problems.

Offline advertisement and brochures flaunt is a waste because global classified programs brings an easy solutions for problems. Thus, successful sales person will have to know how to use global free classified ads to generate qualified leads.

Organizations should pave way for the integration of classified ads programs to improve the passive side of prospecting and this means that sales and business development professionals must set up an aggressive marketing process for their product to attract customers.

In Relationship selling, the 21st Century prospecting element is the active part of business prospecting and assists in using the professional relationship to find out problems or opportunities.

Business developments with professional relationships are seen as a resource to enhance buyers and as well protect their interests. They are open to give information and instruct people for cross sells into their business divisions, and product lines. There are several opportunities for sales persons to discover more within their existing and non-existing customers.

In Network selling, it is recommended that one has to develop the knowledge using relationships to get networked to others.  You must spread virally in your customers’ organizations and also reach the profit-center leaders, C-level executives and senior staff of the business units in order to develop professional relationships effectively. It is believed that the only way to achieve your market goal in the 21st century is to work up on professional relationships to network you to others.

In Investigative Marketing, a sales person connects with valuable people using his or her existing network connection. The goal is to network to other individuals through an already built relationship. In this case, knowing individuals sometimes triggers or worst yet, becomes annoying. Investigative marketing establishes new contacts through an existing professional relationship and then this new contacts will continue to network until you get connect to the top leaders of your target organization. It requires finesse skill, effective listening, confidence and the ability to expose and entice.

With the above prospecting strategies, 21st business development and marketing will  boost sales and closing ratios will also rise.

Successful sales or business development person will have to learn and possess advance skills of Internet Marketing, Investigative selling, Relationship and Networking.

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