Before getting to facts about the ways of proper advertising, testing aptitudes like knowing the right channels which dominates the advertising space, the ads targeting information, geo-targeting promotions/ads are been considered. As a platform which grows rapidly with digital professionals responding to emerging formats, online advertising adapts to the technological trend at an incredible stand and speeds. Social media at all forms was listed high as a channel dominating every other channels; it ranges from mail marketing, forum, discussion platforms, face book promoted posts and other messaging campaigns.

Advertising business on the internet is a bit challenging but it still produces relative high outreach than other channels. Recently, email marketing as one amongst social media channels faces bigger challenges on holding users, especially mobile users’ attention. Consumers’ reading emails on mobile phones and tablets brings up new issues simply because many of them have no time to read lots of emails from campaigners, whereas making the mail strategy less intriguing. Marketers are focused with the burden of making emails relevant and timely enough to entice a customer. However the professionals on this lack the time required to learn the technicalities involved to be effective and keep the customers on board.

Fortunately, there are tools and platform resources to expose your local marketing brands to a bigger audience and below you will find the top list of solutions to make your brands produce success either through mobile messaging, free classified websites in Nigeria, U.s, etv and social media platforms;

Top Local platforms to consider while advertising and angels-ad isn’t left out;

  • – Considered as the leading marketing platform especially for e-commerce services
  • – Most widely medium but takes time and money to build up a stable outreach to customers
  • – recommended Classified listings amongst the list of resources which boost local advertising and is growing is expected to make 79% growth increase by 2018
  • – Listed among the top tools from a recent forecast by BIA


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