E-commerce is playing an increasingly important role in many purchases around the world; companies both small and large walk through barriers to sell products online. In Africa, online trading faces hamstrung challenges on daily basis either because it lacks professionalism, illiteracy, trust and poor delivery system.

Setting up an online shop with the hope of attaining profits isn’t easy in Africa, a region with about 1.5 billion product consumers. The existence of e-Commerce in Nigeria precisely is harnessed by tax laws across its states, lower reduction of prices from competitors selling below cost price at first to attract customers. However, the sustenance of e-shopping platforms is limited and the business has a very small relative than the region’s massive population. 

Customer’s demand is another priority to put into consideration. Most of the Online shoppers who struggles to compete with popular firms lack stocks as displayed to online shoppers, whereas making the business look quack and less interesting. E-commerce portals usually spoil customers with choice as they offer massive discounts, promotions to gain customers. This is yet a factor contributing to the loss of customers dropping to visit other stores to check out goods and buy them at lower prices.

Here are some approaches one could use with a strategy focused to achieve stability;

  • Ensure you rank one amongst search engines by developing a standard search engine optimization, relevant product keywords etc. Your contents must possess technics like conversions,finding ability, Sharing ability. Search engine optimization normally takes time to beat site rankings. From reports, many online marketers’ falls to the burden to create and publish content that is easy for buyers to search and find online.
  • Irrespective of discounts and other tactics on products focus on quality and service delivery.
  • Advertising play a vital role which makes contents on your shop go viral for frequent disposal. At times most of the demands come from different countries; though the problem of good delivery puts up the challenges but the usage of international courier services is a best option to overcome distrust. Angels ad offer free unlimited services to advertise products and services.
  • Implement promotional strategies at regular interval. Always stay fresh ahead of competitors by producing unique concepts to make your products look original and attractive.
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