Angels-ad purpose was to breach the gap between expensive advertisement mediums by creating a relative network of a specific state and improve user interaction. Its motives was not to get people engage and display their platforms for monetary purpose, but it is concerned with delivering a full networking environment for users worldwide to showcase their business, products, skills and wide-range activities.

Despite the challenges, it strives to earn significant success by engaging users with viable contents, forums and interactive discussions.

Angels-ad releases the Angels-ad Tv (A video streaming platform) station, integrated to produce an outstanding engagement and recorded a constant 35% growth rate since 2013.

In the bid to develop the platform, Angels-ad created an eCommerce system for sellers and a payment gateway for buyers to easily order and pay for their preferred products and services.

Angels-ad considerations:

  • it’s totally a free product display website;
  • High internet speeds and broadband capacity
  • Trusted and secured network
  • Social media websites for interactive purposes
  • It is an ideal platform for free business promotion

Watching movies online is a great fun. With Angels Ad TV, it is possible to get unlimited videos without enrolling or paying a dime.

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