Success is simply defined as making an activity to progress your own way. It is applied in several aspects of life, such as business, marriage, education and other life activities. One would point out that success lies on spiritual forces controlling oneself while others attributes success to nature or physical determination. Considering the physical aspect of it which, it could be derived that for an activity to succeed, it requires some factors such as Patience, determination, focus and persistence.

Starting from a business perspective, I found out that been hastened on making any startup would certainly result to a sad occurrence of failures. In this case, one will be left with thoughts that some spiritual beings are guarding the channels of breakthrough. Perhaps, in Africa many would choose an option of seeking to break generational curses, appeasing the gods, deliverance from poor destiny and so on.

From time, I observed that for every menial event planned, chances of good results are seen. And applying it to a bigger ones could perhaps work out. The reason is because such activity has been an experience of a routine practice or occurrence.

So, I realized that the best practice is;

  • First, starting something irrespective of how large it is.
  • Second, taking up to the factors below;
  • Imbibe the virtues of patience
  • Determining to achieve your goals
  • Get focus on each step of your plans
  • Persist until you achieve

Note: Overriding laziness is another key factor to consider while walking the path to success.

It will take much stress, time, efforts, persistence and but the outcome produces something worthy.

Hope this will help you towards the channel of achieving your dreams in business.

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