Success is good right? How can anything be bad if you are successful? Doesn't everyone want to be successful? Well there are some aspects to success that can be a hindrance for the individual and those around him or her. Albert Einstein said ‘’Try not to become a man of success, but rather try be a man of value.’’ It’s a question that is often asked but, at what price does success come?

One hindrance of success can be when it comes too early. If someone is not ready for their own success it can cause depression as the young and successful sometimes get too before they are ready for it. Consider the child stars who have one hit and you never hear from again. You can be labelled as lucky when the reality is you have worked hard to get into the position you find yourself in, and in turn feel resentful towards such comments. Success can just happen to some people who are in the right place in the right time and they are not ready and maybe even feel as though they haven't earned it.

Long hours at expense of family and social time. Success can be a hindrance to your real life. It doesn't just happen, long hours and stressful situations. If you lose sight of what you are working for whether it be family or to have more freedom to afford nicer things, it is important not to forget to spend time with the people you want to provide for and to enjoy doing the things you set out to be able to do. How will someone with so much responsibility at work cope when a crisis occurs at home?


An unattractive quality this can involve the guilty party taking on more than they are capable of causing them to either over work or be overcome with stress. This also leads into a sense of entitlement, how will this person feel if they were to get rejected at the next round of promotions. If they are overlooked but have that over confident air to satisfy it will not be kind on their ego.

Constant Quest for More

Success gives you access to a lot of things, a bigger house, a newer and better spec of car, expensive holidays, but with each upgrade you receive in your paycheck, a lot of people's tastes also do the same. This can create a feeling of what you have is never enough, sure the new car is great when you first get it, but what happens 6 months down the line when it is not new anymore and the effect has worn off?


Although risk takers are more likely to be successful there is a line that is often crossed. For every man that made a fortune taking a risk, there are a lot more who lost everything taking one as well. The temptation to risk not only impacts the individual but also those around them, but sometimes the lure of success can be more tempting than the thought of not. Some people can become addicted to risks, the thrill of a deal or an investment can be appealing but can have consequences.

So it is easy to see why successful people have made something of themselves, but the grass is not always greener, consider Einstein's words and ensure that you are something anyone can be - some of value.

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