Everyone tries their best to protect themselves from being a victim of a crime. We have security alarms in our homes and cars, we carry legal concealed weapons, and we try to stay away from dangerous areas. So, who are the victims of violent crimes?The groups or victims are the least protected groups in society and “easy” targets for criminals and offenders.The most likely victims of crimes areyoung adults,men,and minority groups.

Children or teens can experience being a victim to a crime in various environments such as online, at school, or at home. Children are taught to respect their elders, which in most cases is a good lesson but also makes them vulnerable. The adults hold the most power in the crime they commit to children since their age gives them authority. The age of the assailant is used as an intimidation factor that makes their younger victim hesitant to ask for help or to report the crime afterwards. Often the adult or adults will give instructions to their younger victims to not report the crime under threat of something happening to their family. The young victims believe the threat because they do not know the actual power the adult has to carry out the threat.

You would think that women would also be in the majority of violent crime victims but it is men. Men are the victims of violent crimes because they are often seen as the “breadwinner” of the family thus making them a target with a higher payout. It is not safe to say that men are more likely to be victims just because of society’s view of men as violent.Men are often the victims of most violent crimes committed but do not report it. The fact that most crimes committed against men go unreported make the crime more favorable to criminals. Men often do not report crimes because of the way that being a victim is portrayed in society; victims are often seen as “weak” and this can hurt men’s masculinity.Masculinity is men’s worse enemy when it comes to being a victim because the perception of a “man” does not match up to the perception of a “victim”.

Minority racial and ethnic groups are also make up most violent crime victims because their reports are often seen as unimportant compared to nonminority reports. The violent crime rate within minority communities are higher than in the nonminority community. Therefore, the reports are seen as a “dime a dozen” situation making it easier to write off in the eyes of law enforcement. Criminals are more likely to commit crimes against racial and ethnic minorities because they know the likelihood of law enforcement answering to the report is low.

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