Becoming a single parent can be one of the most difficult tasks known to humankind. Being the sole carer for such a demanding creature can seem nonstop and is not to be taken lightly. Although children are without a doubt highly rewarding to raise, it is a difficult task when there are multiple sets of hands on board and doing it alone raises the stakes. Yes, it is all the more rewarding but it is also very challenging emotionally, physically and financially.

Economic emancipation allows a parent to take control of the financial wellbeing of their children. This can have a major impact when it comes to having the freedom to truly look after a child and allows the parent in charge the sole responsibility of bringing the child up. It might sound like this would be seen as an extra burden on the parent in question however there are some great aspects to economic emancipation and the role it has in single parenthood.

The main benefit of economic emancipation is that a lone parent will have sole rites to child benefits. These benefits are often the lifeline to a small family and can completely change things for a single parent, allowing them some economic relief as there is less stress to bring in quite as much money on a month by month basis. Single parenthood isn’t the choice most people make however just because you are thrown into a situation does not mean you should have to suffer the consequences and neither should the children – this is becoming a much stronger theme in the present day.

Although there are benefits to emancipation for single parents research indicates that families headed by a single mother are still 5 times more likely to be poor than their two parent counterparts. This is a shocking statistic and what is even more shocking is the fact that it hasn’t changed since the research was first undertaken – 30 years ago. Although times have changed for most of us there is still a certain stigma attached to single parenthood and this makes it much more difficult to be truly economically liberated. In an ideal world there is enough food and money for everyone to live comfortably, regardless of the situation around them however this seems to be more difficult to follow through for some demographics than others.

Being a single parent does not automatically result in poverty and there are many shining examples of single parents that put their children first, no matter what. As a society we need to aim to support these parents more, allowing them the opportunity to do what is right for their children without having to give up what they are good at. Many parents love their jobs and the joy of two parent families is it is much easier to come to a compromise when it comes to work – single parents shouldn’t miss out on this either!

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