We like to think that we would be able to protect ourselves against a violent crime. This may be true for some of us but for most, being a victim of a crime takes more than our material possessions, it takes away our peace of mind.Being a victim of a violent crime can hurt us physically and emotionally. Therefore, the victims of crimes have rights that can protect them after the crime has been committed.

After a crime has been committed and the culprit is being brought to justice, the victim of the crime has rights to protect themselves during the proceedings. You have the right to a speedy trial against your assailant so that the case will not linger in your life and cause you anymore trauma.You also have the right to be present at the criminal’s proceedings; however, this right is limited if you are the only victim of the crime. In this case, it is important to make your case against your assailant so that their trial can be justly carried out. If you do not, your assailant’s defense may be stronger than your persecution allowing them to be charged as not guilty. You have the right to help the case against your assailant so that they can be punished through the law and so that you can feel safe again. You deserve the peace of mind that the person that caused you trauma is getting the punishment they deserve. Victims have the right to forget about their assailant without fear of future attacks or harassment.

You have the right to be compensated for a violent crime if it caused you any form of trauma emotionally of physically. There are several victim services, depending on your location, that can help a victim recover from any trauma that they have experienced. There are counselors and therapist that help people who have experienced a crime to get back their peace of mind. The specialists can help the victim recovery emotionally and psychologically. If your trauma is more physical, you should be compensated with the payment of your hospital bills or physically therapy if needed. The payment of medical bills can cause a victim addition stress and trauma onto their already existing physical trauma. It is your right to be compensated so that you can return to regular life and overcome the experience of a violent crime.

Overall, the victims of crimes experience several types of trauma such as psychological, physical, and emotional; therefore, they have right to protect themselves from further trauma that can be caused by the case. The victim of any crime has the right to be treated with fairness, sensitivity, and respect. You have the right to have privacy from the press and to protected from any harassment or intimidation. No one should have to suffer from the upsetting aftermath of the crime that was committed against them. Victims have the right to return to their lives and forget the violent crime every happened.

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