What are the Biggest Hindrances to Single Parent Success and Their Ability to Effectively Care for Their Family?

One of the most challenging experiences in life has to be becoming a single parent. A choice that most people do not go into lightly (if they have the choice at all) however there is one thing that single parents do wonderfully and that is to just get on with it! Even with this ‘can do’ attitude it can be difficult to provide for your family as a two parented family might have and there can be obstacles with work as well.

Often when a family goes down to a single parent then there is a choice that has to be made, does the parent in charge focus on their work or their family? There are few occasions where the perfect balance offers itself up freely and as a result there is normally some part of their life that suffers. This is largely due to the strain of having to provide full care and pay all the bills while still parenting to the highest standards. All of this pressure often results in something having to give.

By being the sole bread earner in a home means that not only do you need to pay all the bills but also pay for food, clothes and anything else that pops up. Along with housework such as cooking and cleaning, it can feel like there is no time to spend as a family, let alone time for yourself! This is a lot of outgoings to have on a monthly basis and, unfortunately, means the financial pressures can be extreme on single parents.

Very often it becomes imperative for single parents to go out and work in order to provide but this can come with complications too. In a situation where you are raising children alone then childcare comes in as an extra expense that is a necessity. With the ever increasing cost of childcare that does not fall in line with wage increases it is common for single parents to end up working more than one job – a vicious cycle that can seem never ending when you are stuck in it.

The biggest hindrance facing single parents in the current day is the pressure to find the perfect work/life balance that is easier said than done. This pressure is put on not only by the outside world but single parents put this on themselves. The determination and willingness to do anything for their family’s show the dedication single parents have to their children and this is the most awe inspiring thing they have to offer. We could learn a lot from single parents and should offer our help as much as possible. Life has already become unduly difficult for the single parent and it is about time we, as a society, looked to help rather than judge.

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