Recently lots of business website promotes list of classified sites in Nigeria as the major and top free classified sites in Nigeria without fixing its security factors. Indeed free classified sites has bought great advantages to business organizations who tends to sell online with different products and services being advertise at no cost.

With facts, the mentioned list of top free classified ad sites in Nigeria was published on a blog post which results to a negative counter response as comments flowing in points directly to the security factors. 

Since free classified ads is a website portal were users can post, sell or buy products, advertise goods and services, users around the globe finds it as a favorable junction to make convenient dealings without the mindset that scammers are embedding on it.

This is the reason why many have brought those negative impressions that free classified ad sites are a constructed platforms made by scammers to easily lure victims of their possessions.

Although, top free classified ads tries the best they could do to inform users of the challenges facing the system. Some gave a bold warning impression to notify users (Especially buyers) not to make any transactions if goods have not been seen or delivered in appropriate condition.

To curb this repeated menace, good sites in Nigeria are emerging fixes to tackle security issues completely. Amongst them is the popular classified ad site, which possess at least 85% of security system to ensure that Classified ads system in Nigeria will increase and boost individual sales.

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