On my understanding, describing poverty is an absolute lack of wanted necessities. A situation where an individual is unable to meet up with a demand best explains it.

I recall my ordeal sometime this year, facing a course at the World Hackathon and Innovation Challenge (Nigeria) to develop a technological system that could eradicate poverty. The team supervisor walked up to me; presenting the topic Which I termed “impossible” . "Where in a world could someone think of eradicating Poverty with a software program?”.

At first it seems impossible; as a challenge, I grabbed the bull’s horn after losing the first pitch. Perhaps, the second opportunity turns out promising - resulting to smiles on the investor’s face.

 An expectation was based on designing a system producing shelter, water, electricity, schools and good roads to rural areas.

Now, the idea which pulled the crowd came from an encouraging opponent, owner of Calitunes platform (an Online, Mp3 and video streaming website launched September, 2016. www.calitunes.com) was to provide an online web services that gathers information and reports from rural communities. The team refined the contribution, creating a more sophisticated idea.

Considering the fact that African elected representatives were known for public funds diversion resulting to corruption, public expression were limited. Here, our research discovered poor communication and corruption as an increase factor deteriorating the alleviation.

The initial design generate leads from rural communities within a target region, providing the government with necessary information and data to ensure that distributed amenities are delivered properly to affected communities.

Here come the challenges;

  • Poor knowledge on Computer usage by rural indigenes.
  • Poor Internet access to rural communities.

    The above challenges where biped up with an alternative of integrating an SMS gateway service. It’s quite easy for a novice to operate, simply by dialing a responsive mobile USSD code which filters in report.

At last, we ended up finalizing the software program within three days which gets the report from specific rural regions, analyzing data; count leads by percentage (Illustrated on a bar chart) and sends to a particular government sector. With this government can be aware of those lacking such necessities. As a nominal solution, contributions are needed from developers(python) for an improved development.


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