In the course of purchase, consumers end up discovering that a choice of market demand is not spread at every location within their reach for easy access and delivery purpose.

In Africa, there are limited situation of markets especially when it deals with bulk produce such as Vehicle parts. It is infrequently seen at every market situation and this triggers inconvenience for consumers who might need urgent services.  Apart from being uneasy, the state of fear is a factor seen amongst consumers either for the case of products’ imitation sold or the case of trust.

A situation where a consumer wants to buy a specific product that is not spotted around the nearest market, the consumer is left with no option than to use the modern age technology. Perhaps, this factor contributes to the increase rate of online portals. There are thousands of Online classified Websites around the web and most of them provides more facilities than the local market.

Depending on the transparency of such website, service request can be made from classified dealers. Some platform possesses the features where consumers’ goods can be purchased and get delivered within some days.  So, a satisfied consumer is observed to be an influential factor to others who migrates to use Online Classified Websites than the physical market.

For years, the Online Classified Ads system has been efficient and convenient for dealers particularly for the beneficial advertisement practice.

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