As part of the social contribution mapped to create positive impact to the society, Angel’s Classified Ads introduced the ‘Jobs for Teenagers’ section. With the intention of eliminating depression and preventing teenagers from vices, the management tackles the situation using this category as it believes sourcing out jobs from different part of the world could be hopeful for teenagers

Depression could set in majorly on youths as a result of idealness or joblessness after long process of expectations.

Factors could be attributed to the physical synapses, family hereditary, trauma, stress and frustration. Some Medical experts narrate that depression are neural transmitters in the brain which lead to the etiology of depression. i.e Having a problem with the neural circuit. Others believe that the causes of depression are multi-factorial and if not diagnosed, can lead the victim to suicidal act.

According the physiological observations, series of crimes in the world today are committed by Teenagers and basically done out of frustration. Some are either committed either because they lack morals in their educational background or perhaps issues arising from lack of job opportunities. Having a job at their disposal will certainly override any possible occurrence of depression which might set in to cause many effects. 

In Africa, most Teenagers between the ages of 15 – 18 years usually depend on their parents or guidance for support while few others adapt to the harsh society by engaging into menial jobs. These people are considered to be independent and before the age set of 22 – 25 years they might be found inconvenient to remain at their homes or perhaps becomes the household support. The dependent ones are highly the victim of depression as their expectations might sometime be turned down.

Today, Angel’s online classified ads promote several jobs for teenagers across the Globe with the hope of tackling the problems of depression. The Global free classified ads exhibit the Teenage Job sections with over a thousand Job offers from employers around the world. Teenagers can easily search for office jobs, work at home jobs or part time jobs, and this could be ascertained to bring hope and smile to ease up their stress.

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