For Immediate Release: April 3, 2017



Angel Ads, the world’s leading classified website that facilitates businesses for an easy access and visibility in today’s global market, this past month officially launched its free, comprehensive platform for all individuals and business owners intent on harnessing international advertising capabilities for a fraction of the typical advertising cost.

Borne from a passion for helping businesses to skirt around the astronomically high advertising costs with traditional media today, Angel Ads makes it possible by providing opportunities for individuals and businesses to post unlimited ads, both locally and internationally, for absolutely free.

“The cost of advertising through television, radio, newspapers, and tabloids today is so high, it’s virtually impossible for most hard-working businesses,” said Paul Obika, Founder and Owner of Angel Ads. “It makes advertising almost inaccessible to small businesses and private individuals, which in turn, contributes to the business failure down the line. The power of the worldwide web provides an incredible opportunity to overcoming these costs, and that’s exactly what we aim to offer on Angel Ads.”

Angel Ads harnesses the unlimited abilities of the Internet to cut advertising costs for members of the community. Site members have access to free classified ads for used cars, bikes, properties, rentals, computers, laptops, mobile phones, televisions, sound systems, services, furniture, home appliances, games, tools, books, spare parts and all accessories, pets, kitchen stuff, musical instruments, to miscellaneous stuff, both for sale and for giveaway.

Additionally, the site offers specific premium services, for which a small fee is included. These premium listings include features advertisements and homepage advertising.

“We understand the competition is stiff online today, which is why we’re developing an all-encompassing platform that will satisfy any kind of classified advertisement requirement,” said Paul Obika. “We even offer direct, homepage advertising for the businesses intent on getting immediate exposure.”

Businesses who opt for the free advertising option get the top spots in their respective category search listings and are automatically reposted daily over the slot period. For those interested in the homepage advertising, they have three categories to choose from: the Banner Advertisement, which appears at the top of all of the site’s web pages; the Side Advertisement, which appears on the left or right sides of the homepage and most of the web pages; or the Big Advertisement, which appears in the center of the homepage and most of the web pages. Prices will vary depending on the period of the advertisement, as well as the type of advertisement selected.

“We offer a variety of small-fee website features for any type of business requirement, industry, and advertising agenda,” said Paul Obika. “We want all of our site members to have the world at their fingertips through our classified digital website today.”

By using the free feature on Angel Ads, businesses will be able to test trial-and-error ads out one after another, analyzing which ones work best and why. They can then dump the ones that aren’t performing, and create new ads at the same time to try and beat the ones that are working. Before long, after testing out different strategies, businesses will hit their advertising mark and watch their sales triple overnight.

Additionally, Angel Ads lets businesses add their business to the Angel Ads Business Directory for maximum exposure and visibility. By being part of the directory, businesses will experience improved search engine rankings.

“Global directories are a valuable way to improve SEO while gaining invaluable international exposure,” Paul Obika. “We even have discussion forums for helping businesses owners to make decisions, as well as informational blogs that answer any advertising related question.”

Angel Ads wants users to feel relaxed, too, and offers Angels/TV for fun movies as well as an eBooks section that is internationally unmatched.

To get started today and make a free account, visit: Angels Ad


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