For a sophisticated advertising campaign and large existing customer base, getting traffic to online product sales is indeed a beginning to move visitors through sales tunnel. It's obvious that all leads and traffic does not guarantee 100% sales despite every effort of marketing. The strategies behind is what it entails and visitors attracted through a Pay Per-click  (PPC Marketing) channel often spend less time or finds the website directed to their interest. Of course, this brings an increasing online growth competition and complexity.

To continually increase the effectiveness of your website, you need to take absolute advantage of content targeting and creating a highly personalized web experience to help deliver right content to the right person at the right time and keeping visitors coming back for more.

There is need to link your website and work out the CRM and Marketing Automation systems as it helps target your content.

Optimize your webpage load time by detecting elements in your site that influences the speed and overall performances.

Before putting up marketing concepts, ensure a proper survey and evaluation of your site. This helps in developing a technically sound SEO presence.

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