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Got something to rant about? Looking for people who shares your interest in rare Colombian pygmy rabbits? Collecting antique Cigar Bands? Becoming a Beekeeper? Those are all real things. Make a post about virtually anything in our forum and maybe someone else will jump in to talk about it.

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114 avon Avon /114-avon 20 June 2017 13:56:56 20 June 2017 13:56:56 20 June 2017 13:56:56 published 7220 46 1 Beauty Business Shopping Visit my eStore at For 10% off use code welcome10 Visitor

Back in the day, everybody had phone books near their phone. If you wanted to call a business or a friend you would dig out a 5 pound book with tiny print, squint or put on your glasses, and look up the number. Those were the day. Now you just grab your phone and use a search engine to find the number. Where do you think the search engines get their information? From internet directories like ours. Be sure you can be found. Add your business info to our FREE Business Directory

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We’re not all hard nosed-business types here at Angels Ad. We love wasting time when the boss isn’t looking. We’ve collected the best funny, sad, scary, outrageous and interesting videos we could find.


Did someone mention WINNING? We’ve always got a contest going on here at Angels Ad. Have you got what it takes to enter? To Win?

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Really want to kill time? Video Games will do it – we made a whole website full of fun, quick, games. They are free to play and you don’t have to fill the memory on your phone by downloading anything.


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  • The Secret To Losing Weight Lies In Ketogenic Diets

    Being overweight is no less than an offense that doctors worldwide have been warning against. The reason being the complications which arise due to excessive weight gain. The problems include fatal heart disease, diabetes, kidney damage, liver


Every now and then the boss says something thoughtful and important and we’re all impressed by it. The rest of the time we make him post his thoughts on the Blog. Who knows, maybe you'll discover one of his Deep Thoughts?

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